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This work depicts three of Criatura’s signature motif, Tenta, intertwining against. Each tentacle reflects distinct elements of Mexican artistry. The first tentacle is designed in an ancient Aztec style, symbolizing the deep roots of Mexico's pre-Columbian heritage. The second tentacle embraces the vibrant and imaginative colors of Alebrijes. The third tentacle features Talavera patterns, paying homage to the intricate ceramic art form that has long been a part of Mexican tradition.

The intertwining nature represents the blending of various artistic influences, to form the rich cultural tapestry of Mexico. This piece invites viewers to appreciate the interconnectedness of the country’s diverse artistic traditions and the beauty that emerges from their fusion. It celebrates the enduring legacy of Mexican culture and the continued evolution of creativity through the blending of old and new.

  • 100cm x 70cm Original Painting
  • Spray Paint & Acrylic
  • Matte Varnish Finish
Canvas Details:
  • 9oz MFH Acrylic Primed Cotton/ Polyester Blend
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