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This painting reinterprets the iconic flag of Mexico, known for its emblem of an eagle eating a rattlesnake while perched on a cactus, symbolizing the founding of Tenochtitlán and the triumph of good over evil. In this artwork, however, the eagle is depicted eating Tenta, Criatura's signature tentacle motif, instead of the traditional rattlesnake. This bold reimagining offers a new perspective on the national symbol, emphasizing a blend of traditional and contemporary elements.

By replacing the rattlesnake with Tenta, the painting invites viewers to reflect on the evolving cultural landscape of Mexico, where old and new intersect in unexpected ways. Through this transformation, the artwork explores the enduring symbolism of the Mexican flag while introducing a modern twist that challenges conventional interpretations. This piece encourages a fresh look at cultural identity and the creative reinterpretation of iconic symbols.

  • 120cm x 80cm Original Painting
  • Spray Paint & Acrylic
  • Gloss Varnish Finish
Canvas Details:
  • 9oz MFH Acrylic Primed Cotton/ Polyester Blend
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